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Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Grant
Dakota Elementary has a fresh fruit and vegetable grant so every child is offered a healthy snack daily. This is a wonderful opportunity for a child to taste either a new piece of fruit or vegetable they have never tried before.
No Microwaves in the Lunchroom
In the past students were able to use the microwave in the lunchroom. However, this service will no longer be available. Please plan lunches that will not need the use of a microwave. Thank you.
Winter Recess Information!
Minot Public School policy allows students to have outdoor recess as long as the actual temperature is -5 or above, or the wind chill is -15 or above. All students go outside for recess. Appropriate outside clothing is a necessity. All students are required to have snow pants and boots in order to play off of the black top and on the playground equipment. An extra pair of mittens and socks in the backpack is always a great idea. Please note we do not have any extra clothing for students.
First Day of Shool August 24th
Welcome Back to School. All Preschool and grades 1-5 will start school on Thursday, August 24th.
Kindergarten Orientation August 24th & 25th
Orientation Letters have been mailed with the date and time for your child's orientation. Please note Orientation is mandatory for all Kindergarten Students. Monday, August 28th first full day for Kindergarten.